Why Equity Release?
  • Maintain 100% ownership of your home
  • Unlock tax-free lump sum from your property
  • Portable plans so you can still move home
  • Pay off any remaining mortgage or debts
  • Flexibility of borrowing in stages
  • Make those longed for home improvements
  • Fixed interest rate for lifetime available
  • Benefit from future increase in property value
  • Guaranteed income for life
Things To Consider
  • A release of equity effectively takes cash out of your property lowering its net asset value.
  • If equity release is used to increase savings, it may potentially affect your social security benefits.
  • Should early repayment arise, then substantial penalties could be charged by the lender.
  • Always shop around for the most suitable equity release deals as the set up cost could be very expensive.
  • Equity release may restrict your options to raise additional finance in future.
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